Our Team

Applegate Properties are proud of the friendly and expert team that we have built. Going the extra mile is second nature to everyone working at Applegate Properties, and we are all genuinely passionate about the industry that we are in. We genuinely care about every transaction and individual that we deal with.

Highly motivated and enthused, we enjoy working in our very bespoke office which has been recognised throughout the UK for its uniqueness within the industry. Our client seating area is a mix of antique and modern furniture with coffee machine which promotes a more relaxed environment. Our main office area has been designed with a ‘family dining’ scenario in mind as we feel the team here has evolved to be a strong family network.

Above all you can be assured that each team member abides by a strict code of practice which is not only a professional standard but an ethical one too. We act within the best interest of our clients in a fair and legally approved manner. Returning calls as promised is something that we take seriously as we understand the importance of clarity and communication.

Out of the office we make time for team outings, and it has been said that we all seem to enjoy good food (often in good quantities) and the occasional glass of wine. We are all human and have families and friends, as well as hobbies and activities that we try to manage with a busy working life.