5 easy ways to maintain your garden for spring

5 easy ways to maintain your garden for spring

18th Jan, 2018

With spring still two months away, your garden will continue to be hit by the wind, rain, cold and snow that comes with winter. So we wanted to provide some tips to help you look after it, ready for the new season.

Below are five simple steps to keep your outdoor space in tip top condition...

1. Plant a pot

Some of you may not bother buying or planting any flowers ahead of winter, as they are inevitably going to be destroyed, but this can result in the area looking and feeling very bare. So, why not buy yourself some frost-proof pots, and array flowers in them such as witch hazel, wintersweet, winter honeysuckle or winter cherry – and let your garden look beautiful all year round!

2. Feed the soil

Soil is a living thing – worms, insects, bacteria, algae and fungi all live within it. Healthy soil means fruitful plants, so keep it well looked after throughout winter to ensure you have blooming plants in the spring. One way to feed the earth is to plant cover crops, such as crimson clover, which will improve its quality and keep it in good condition.

3. Cover your pond

If your garden contains a pond or water feature make sure it is covered up. The winter months bring with it strong gales, which result in them filling up with debris, which creates blockages and bad smells as this rots. It will also save you a big clean up job when the new season arrives!

4. Don’t forget about your indoor plants!

Even though the plants that live inside your property will be protected from the rain, cold and snow, they also need some adjustment in their routine to stay healthy. Not only does their growth slow in winter, the heat produced inside your home means they could potentially dry out. A great tip is to put them in the bathroom for a couple of days, as they will benefit from the moisture.

5. And, you can also help wildlife!

A way to look after small creatures this winter is to simply not tidy up. Overgrown bushes and piles of leaves provide a valuable thick cover for them. If you’re feeling extra generous and love animals, leaving out dog or cat food can act as an extra supplement for them in the icy weather.

We hope that these tips will help you to continue to look after your garden and plants for the remainder of the winter months!

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