5 things to consider before moving to a remote location

5 things to consider before moving to a remote location

25th Sep, 2019

Living in a busy city or town isn't for everyone, and the thought of moving to a remote location - with nothing much around you apart from hills - can be some people's idea of heaven.

But although many love the idea, when it comes to the reality of it, some people can be left feeling a little disappointed and regretting this big move.
So we've listed our top five things to think about before relocating to the middle of nowhere...


It's probably not something the majority of us would even consider when moving house, but it's a good idea to research how far the local supermarket is -- as well as its opening times. Otherwise you risk having to drive miles, resulting in your fuel bills rocketing and that 'quick trip out for emergency milk' taking over an hour. 


Depending on the location of your new home it may be 'off-grid', which will mean you don't have electricity or gas fed to your house. Similarly, if you're far away from the next exchange of phone lines and broadband, you could end up paying a fortune for a satellite phone and internet. 
These are both additional costs you will need to factor into your already expensive move. 

Road networks 

It's all well and good living in a beautiful country house, but is there easy access to it with main roads nearby? If it simply has a dirt track, will you be able to cope if it's covered in snow during winter? It could be that you're stuck in your property for weeks, so try find out how the streets are maintained and how long it will take to get to your nearest town or city for supplies. 

Home delivery 

Did you know? There are some areas that are simply not served by the postal service, meaning you could be waiting weeks to receive that all-important letter or your Pretty Little Thing payday treat. It may be a good idea to rent a P.O. box at the nearest town or village and collect your mail this way. 

Health care

Another thing most people don't consider is the quality and speed of healthcare services when living in a remote location. If you had an urgent medical or dental need you may have to travel for miles, or if a nurse had to pay you a home visit, they may not be able to reach you as easily, if at all. 

Now we're not saying moving to a remote location is a bad thing, but there are a lot of things to consider that you may not have thought of or simply brushed over. It can also be a huge adaptation from living in a bustling town or city - and can actually feel quite lonely. 

However, with the right research it can truly be the perfect move. So ensure you plan effectively and leave no stone unturned.

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