A guide to buying a bungalow

A guide to buying a bungalow

23rd Jan, 2020

Bungalows remain a desirable housing type for many – there are certainly lots of benefits to single storey living.

So, why should you consider buying a bungalow, what are the advantages?

The benefits of bungalow living

For many buyers, the primary advantage of owning a bungalow is the lack of stairs. Think about bringing shopping bags in from the car, carrying toddlers around or simply being able to walk from one room to the next with ease – there’s a great demand for level-access living.

Some families are attracted to the open plan style of bungalow designs, which bring people together socially, rather than separating them in different living rooms like a traditional style house. Even without changing the structure, the flexible layout of a bungalow allows you to arrange the way you use the different spaces to suit your lifestyle.

For the older generation, being able to access all areas of the house without climbing any stairs is a huge plus, and it also prepares for people’s needs in later life.

Bungalows are also usually built on larger plots, meaning it’s easier to adapt them as required. Doorways can be widened to accommodate your changing requirements, and subject to planning, you can easily extend outwards – or upwards – to make your home bigger.

If you are looking to extend, you will need to check in advance that you will be able to get planning permission to do so.

For further advice, and to see our bungalows currently available, please contact the Applegate team here.

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