A guide to sorting your broadband when moving home

A guide to sorting your broadband when moving home

6th Sep, 2019

There are many things to swap and change when you first move into a property -- gas, electric and insurance, to name a few -- and your broadband may be at the bottom of your list of priorities. 

But this can prove to be a vital household essential, especially if you rely on Wi-Fi to do work from home -- or if you simply don't want to miss the latest episode of Coronation Street! 

So, how can you sort your broadband quickly and in a stress-free manner? 

Checking your coverage 

Broadband coverage varies depending on location, so it's important to see what you can get in the area before enquiring with a specific provider - it may be that your old service is no longer available. 

There could be a better, faster deal in your new property, so find out what firms have to offer. After all, saving money where possible after a big move is a huge plus! 

Staying with your current provider 

As well as seeing what other deals are currently on the market, it's also a good idea to check in with your old provider too. 

It may be that they can transfer over your old contract to your new property - saving you time and money on set up fees. And, if you've chosen to stick with them, you may get further discount for being a loyal customer. 

Switching broadband 

When moving to a new broadband provider, check online for any promotions they currently have as often new customers are offered incentives to join up -- you may even receive the first month free. 

Ask your friends and family who they use, too. A lot of companies now have a 'refer a friend' policy where yourself and the person who recommended you will be rewarded. You can also find out about the speed and quality of the broadband from someone who has first-hand experience. 

It's also important to remember to cancel your current contract in good time because you don't want to be paying bills once you've moved house, and you don't want to receive a fine for not giving enough notice. 

We hope that this has given you some guidance on setting up your provider when moving home. As we've said, this may be not one of your top priorities to think about when you have so many other things to organise, but getting it sorted quickly will mean one less thing to worry about. 

If you're wanting to move home, take a look at some of the properties currently on the market. 

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