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Posts by Amy Wray

How will the tenant fee ban affect landlords?

In January of this year it was announced that the Tenant Fee Ban would apply to all contracts entered into on, or after, 1st June 2019. But what is this, and how will this affect landlords?

22nd Mar, 2019

It’s competition time!

We’re delighted to announce that we are supporting another local business with a competition, for a lucky homeowner to win a new home product package.

13th Mar, 2019

Why gardens are important?

We know that it’s still officially winter, but the days are slowly beginning to feel longer as the daylight hours are increasing, and spring will be upon us before you know it! So, we wanted to take a look at how important gardens are, and how they promote a happier and healthier homelife.

15th Feb, 2019

This is the season to sell your property off-market

Although spring is a great time to sell your property, we think there is no harm in getting ready now!  And, there are some advantages to selling your home off-market…

17th Jan, 2019

Meet Tracey Hawley - Sales Advisor

We have recently welcomed a few new team members to the Applegate office, and we will be putting the spotlight on them over the next couple of months. Next up it's sales advisor Tracey Hawley...

7th Jan, 2019

Christmas spotlight: Applegate Properties

Earlier this month our Lettings Manager, Laura Townson, took part in the Yorkshire Times Christmas Q&A. Here she reveals her ideal festive present, as well as a message to everyone for 2019. Catch up on the article here...

24th Dec, 2018