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Posts by Amy Wray

Don’t let a survey put you off your dream home

It’s very easy to be swayed by someone else’s opinion of – or findings on – a property, especially if you’re not experienced in dealing with and viewing lots of different homes. So, it's important to make your own decisions about a house, while looking at the facts! 

21st Jun, 2019

The importance of kerb appeal

We all know that first impressions count – and the same applies to a property. So, we have put together some simple, cost-effective ways to improve your ‘kerb appeal’…

28th May, 2019

Things to consider before buying a unique home

Thanks to TV shows such as Grand Designs, unique property projects are becoming more popular than ever. And if you’re drawn to things that don’t quite ‘fit in’, then you should consider the following things before taking the plunge and splashing the cash on a quirky house… 

9th May, 2019

How will the tenant fee ban affect landlords?

In January of this year it was announced that the Tenant Fee Ban would apply to all contracts entered into on, or after, 1st June 2019. But what is this, and how will this affect landlords?

22nd Mar, 2019

It’s competition time!

We’re delighted to announce that we are supporting another local business with a competition, for a lucky homeowner to win a new home product package.

13th Mar, 2019

Why gardens are important?

We know that it’s still officially winter, but the days are slowly beginning to feel longer as the daylight hours are increasing, and spring will be upon us before you know it! So, we wanted to take a look at how important gardens are, and how they promote a happier and healthier homelife.

15th Feb, 2019