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Posts by Chloe Byrne

Selling up: When is the optimum time to sell your property?

When it comes to home ownership, selling your property can be just as stressful as buying one. Trying to find the best opportunity to do so can be a guessing game, but one of the most important factors to consider is the time of year.

18th May, 2018

Property jargon buster

Following on from last month’s ‘mortgage jargon buster’, we wanted to create another covering ‘all things property’. We know how complicated and bewildering it can be purchasing a home, never mind understanding some of the terms surrounding this industry.

28th Mar, 2018

Is it worth buying-to-let in 2018?

Buy-to-let has been viewed as an easy and straightforward investment for years, with landlords reaping the benefits of both capital growth and significant monthly income.

27th Feb, 2018

A beginner’s guide to mortgages

Purchasing a property is one of the biggest financial investments you’re likely to make, so before you arrange your mortgage, check out our guide on how the process works…

24th Jan, 2018

5 easy steps to get your home ready for Christmas!

Because Christmas is just around the corner, we wanted to embrace the festive theme and help you get your home ready for the season!

18th Dec, 2017

Be realistic when selling a property

Selling your property can be an extremely stressful process in itself, so it is important to set manageable expectations when it comes to moving home. 

22nd Nov, 2017