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Posts by Laura Anne Townson

What are the changes to the buy-to-let capital gains tax rules?

In recent years, the HMRC has raised concerns regarding the potentially lengthy delay between the sale of a buy-to-let property and the payment of capital gains tax (CGT). So, here we take a look at the recent changes…

15th Nov, 2018

What are the pros and cons of fixing a mortgage for 10 years?

In recent years, two-year mortgage deals have been the most popular. But with the historically low interest rates gradually rising, the sector has witnessed a shift towards longer fixes. Here we list the advantages and disadvantages…

19th Oct, 2018

Happy client = happy Applegate Properties!

It is fair to say, when our clients are happy, we are happy! Here we hear from Kate Swinscoe who recently left us a five star review! 

12th Sep, 2018

Things to consider before starting an extension

Not only can an extension create more living space for you and your family, it can also add value to your house – sounds great, right?

8th Aug, 2018

What to do if your house sale falls through

It is everyone’s nightmare when through no fault of your own, a house sale falls through because the buyer or seller backs out.

10th Jul, 2018

Hacks for a less hectic home life

Going home to a relaxing peaceful house after a long day is something we all want. Just like we would prefer to leave our property without feeling like we have left behind a world of chaos and drama.

22nd Jun, 2018