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Posts by Laura Simpson

What to consider when buying a new build

When it comes to buying a house – old or new – it is all about personal preference. Some people love exposed beams and the warm character an older property has to offer – whereas others seek the open-plan and modern feel of a new build.

16th Mar, 2018

Mortgage jargon buster

Following on from our previous guide to mortgages, we have compiled a list of frequently used words and phrases surrounding this financial agreement and provided you with the meaning.

8th Feb, 2018

The Yorkshire Times seasonal spotlight

Applegate Properties’ managing director, Amy Wray, recently took part in the ‘Seasonal Spotlight’ Q&A for The Yorkshire Times. If you missed the feature, you can read it in full here…

12th Dec, 2017

Applegate scoops up gold and silver in national awards

For the past three years Applegate Properties has been shortlisted for a Negotiator Award, and this year has been our best effort yet!

2nd Nov, 2017

Full or Part Time Sales Advisor

A new job opportunity has arisen at Applegate Properties!

28th Sep, 2017

It’s time to party!

With only 5 weeks to go until Halloween and 12 until Christmas, the party season is just around the corner. And if you’re planning on hosting this year’s celebrations in your own home, it’s a great idea to get ahead and start the planning now!

27th Sep, 2017