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Posts by Rebecca Stead

How will Coronavirus affect the housing market and how can we support each other?

As the world braces itself for the ongoing problems caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, there are obvious concerns regarding the implications for people working in the property sector.

23rd Mar, 2020

What are my rights as a tenant?

In certain locations, such as cities, renting is more popular than buying. This is usually down to the cost of purchasing a property, but renting does also offer lots of flexibility.

24th Feb, 2020

Why good quality photography matters

Many people underestimate the power of high quality images when you're trying to sell your house. When you think about it, the pictures are the first things potential renters or buyers see, so this is your chance to attract them to book a viewing.

12th Feb, 2020

New year new home – what do you need to think about before you put your house on the market?

Not sure how to get your property ready to sell? Before you put your home on the market, there are many things to consider – all of which will increase your chances of receiving an offer.

20th Jan, 2020

Christmas Spotlight: Amy Wray From Applegate Properties

The Yorkshire Times festive spotlights prove very popular on their business pages. So, the advent calendar of businesspeople is once again back for 2019!

12th Dec, 2019

Things to do in and around Holmfirth this Christmas!

Holmfirth is the home of Applegate Properties and – though we do say it ourselves – it’s a beautiful place, with plenty of things for all ages to do throughout the festive period!

5th Dec, 2019