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Posts by Rebecca Stead

Summer gardens

Gardens are an important aspect to your home, as they're also a popular space to spend time in during the summer months. So, whether you use it as a safe playground for your children, or a social hub for BBQ's, we have some helpful tips on how to utilise all of your outdoor world!

5th Jul, 2019

Common property problems and how to prevent them

Prevention is always cheaper than repairs, so it’s worth understanding the most common problems that occur within a home, to enable you to take steps to stop them happening. Here we reveal the top things to keep a particular eye out for...

7th Jun, 2019

5 things to do in and around Holmfirth this spring

Whether you love walking, shopping or eating and drinking, there truly is something for everyone to do in Holmfirth. With so many things to do and visit, here are our top five…

25th Apr, 2019

We love interiors!

Here at Applegate we love all things property, but it especially makes us smile when we come across one with a beautiful interior. So, we have decided to share with you some images from a selection of the houses currently for sale to hopefully inspire your own décor.

5th Apr, 2019

Why isn’t my property selling?

Selling a home can be a difficult task, so if you’re struggling to find a buyer for your home, consider the following factors – and ensure you’re pulling out all the stops to impress…

15th Mar, 2019

How to brighten up your home

With the beautifully bright properties we see on Pinterest, it’s easy to look around our own space and wonder why they don’t quite compare. So here are our tips to do just this, which will also create a happy home for you to live in.

28th Feb, 2019