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Posts by Rebecca Stead

Tips for first-time buyers moving up the property ladder

If you’re a first-time buyer looking to purchase a house, you’ll find tonnes of advice online, but what about when you’re ready to take the next step? We have listed what you need to know when moving onwards and upwards…

30th Nov, 2018

How to prevent heat loss in your home

We have officially said goodbye to summer and a blustery, cold autumn has begun and keeping your entire house warm can be an expensive task, so to help prevent any of it escaping we have come up with some helpful tips…

25th Oct, 2018

Applegate Properties has been shortlisted for estate agency award

Wow! We can’t believe we have been shortlisted for another accolade this month – what a great achievement for our team!

20th Sep, 2018

Storage solutions

Let’s face it, we all have things that we probably don’t need, but don’t want to throw away. However, there is an easy way to manage this, and prevent cluttering your entire house…

16th Aug, 2018

Home security

It is officially summer and the school holidays are fast approaching, which means you are probably counting down the days until you jet off abroad! 

18th Jul, 2018

7 top tips for DIY newbies

DIY can often seem over-facing, but you cannot underestimate the satisfaction of getting the job done – whether it is finally putting up that shelf you have been meaning to for the past few months, or freshening up the walls in your hall.

28th Jun, 2018