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Posts by Rebecca Stead

Preparing your home for the winter weather

As we approach winter – and the prospect of snow – now’s a good time to think about how best to prepare your property. From burst pipes to blocked gutters, here’s a few tips for the kind of things to look out for as we approach the colder spell…

26th Nov, 2019

Property tax changes set for 2020

Throughout 2019 there have been numerous tax changes effecting both landlords and homeowners, so we wanted to revisit these ahead of their implementation in April 2020. Here is a timely reminder of the upcoming amendments...

11th Oct, 2019

When is the best time to sell up?

Typically, as soon as the weather starts to improve, this offers a great opportunity to put your property on the market -- but which season gives you the best chance to sell quicker?  

29th Aug, 2019

Summer in Holmfirth—top 5 things to do

We love Holmfirth for the wonderful scenery, delicious places to eat and the hundreds of things to do! We have therefore compiled our top five favourite things to see and do this summer...

16th Aug, 2019

Summer gardens

Gardens are an important aspect to your home, as they're also a popular space to spend time in during the summer months. So, whether you use it as a safe playground for your children, or a social hub for BBQ's, we have some helpful tips on how to utilise all of your outdoor world!

5th Jul, 2019

Common property problems and how to prevent them

Prevention is always cheaper than repairs, so it’s worth understanding the most common problems that occur within a home, to enable you to take steps to stop them happening. Here we reveal the top things to keep a particular eye out for...

7th Jun, 2019