Autumn Watch – how to prepare for the new season

Autumn Watch – how to prepare for the new season

7th Sep, 2017

We seem to wait all year for summer to come around, as it brings with it longer and warmer days – or at least that’s what we hope for! But even though it can be sad to see the end of it, autumn is a beautiful, colourful season, so what better way to make the best of it than by preparing your home?

So, as we officially say goodbye to summer and welcome in autumn, we wanted to share some tips on how to get your property ready – inside and out.

Check the boiler

The smooth running of your boiler is essential during autumn as the temperatures begin to drop. It is a good idea to get a professional inspection done, as well as frequently changing the filters throughout the colder months. Not only will this ensure you and your home are toasty, but it will also help reduce energy costs, keeping your wallet happy.

Tend to the fireplace and chimney

Fireplaces are often the centre piece of the room and the place the family gathers around during the chillier months. So, now would be the ideal time, if you have one, to schedule a cleaning to avoid the risk of a chimney fire. Give your hearth the love it deserves, because it’ll be working overtime as we draw closer to the winter months.

Get your toolbox ready

Among other things, autumn brings along with it an awful lot of leaves! Garden equipment such as a leaf blower, rake, broom and shovel should be easy to access and preferably kept all in the same place for convenience – after all you’re bound to need them! So, checking that you have all the essentials will mean that you’re ready when the leaf storms inevitably hit your garden.

Clear your gutters

To prevent your drainpipes and gutters becoming blocked up, remove all visible leaves and debris regularly. You may have to do this more frequently throughout autumn, as there are bound to be more leaves falling from the trees, but keeping on-top of build-up will save you time and stress in the long run.

Plant autumn bulbs

If you’re a keen gardener most of your precious flowers that looked so beautiful throughout the summer will inevitably perish at this time of the year. So, get your garden prepared before the ground freezes over, and plant some flowers that will be ready to bloom in the spring. Tulips, irises, daffodils and lilies are all perfect examples of flowers that you can pre-emptively plant now.

Prepare your interior

We’re not suggesting that you redecorate your whole house in line with the new season, but it might be a nice idea to spruce up your living space a little, or add a few new touches around the house. You can do this by simply introducing a few new colours and textures around your property, in the form of cushions or throws. Velvet is great for autumn, as it is one of the most comforting and luxurious fabrics, and perfect for keeping you warm. You might also want to think about colours – warm, rich, earthy tones of brown, orange, burgundy, green, and blush pink are truly autumnal combinations. Why not get creative with additional temporary accessories, which can be stored away or replaced as we move back into spring and summer next year!

These are just some of the preparations to consider as we move further into autumn, and eventually into winter. Following these tips not only will ensure that the outside of your home is ready for the onslaught of leaves, rain and cold, but will also help to keep you cosy inside. 

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