Creating a calm home

Creating a calm home

18th May, 2016

Life can feel truly hectic at times, so making your house a peaceful haven can really help you to keep your cool. Here are 10 simple steps you can take to create a calm home environment.

1.Keep the entrance clear

Give everything that lives at the front door a home: invest in an umbrella stand, store shoes on low shelves, put coats and keys on hooks, buy baskets specially designed to fit on the stairs for items that are cluttering up the floor space. 

2.Consider making your house a shoe free zone

Provide all your family members with slippers and start encouraging them to take their shoes off at the door. You’ll find this helps to keep the floors clean, which means less hoovering, sweeping and mopping. Pick up some cheap pairs of slippers for visitors too.

3.Take a little and often approach to cleaning

If you have a tendency to put off the cleaning until the house is in a real mess and then find that it can take days of work to sort it out, resolve to clean small areas on a more regular basis. This way, you’ll keep on top of the cleaning by spending just half an hour at a time on one room in the house, instead of feeling overwhelmed and having to attack the whole place in one go.

4.Become a minimalist

Whether you are naturally a hoarder or you regularly chuck things away, keeping your shelves and worktops relatively clear will help to keep you in a calmer state of mind. If you have lots of belongings and you’re not ready to part with them, then tuck items away in cupboards and drawers so they are not constantly in your line of sight. This will also make life easier when it comes to the cleaning as there simply won’t be so many knick knacks to deal with.

5.Choose a calming colour scheme

If you are looking to redecorate your house, think carefully about your colour choices. Look at a colour wheel or visit a homewares outlet and compare colours to see how you respond to the different tones. Which ones make you feel relaxed and serene? Shades of lilac and pale green are known for their soothing properties. If you like white, it’s best to go with an ‘off’ white because it’s not as stark and won’t reflect the light so sharply. By choosing calming colours and avoiding lots of pattern, you’ll also find you won’t need to redecorate when the time comes to sell up and move on. 

6.Bring the outdoors in

Invest in some houseplants. If you’re not green fingered, look for succulents and cacti that don’t require much upkeep. And treat yourself to a bunch of flowers every so often. You could divide one bouquet into smaller bunches and display them around the house. As well as physically improving the quality of the air in your home, plants and flowers are just beautiful to look at and it’s an easy, relatively affordable way to lift your spirits.

7.Keep the lights low

If you have dimmer switches, make use of them. You don’t need to have the lights on full blast and low light will give your home a softer look. Consider switching off the fitted lights and using lamps instead, perhaps focusing them on pictures and other interesting features in your home. Light candles in the evenings to give off a warm, soothing glow, though ensure you don’t leave lit candles unattended. Choose a scented candle to aid your relaxation. 

8. Display reminders of good times

Showcase the treasured possessions that take you back to special times in your life; the photos you have of a great family party, or the pebbles you collected on holiday. By displaying these mementos where you can see them every day, you’ll easily be transported to your happy place.

9. Allow some space for mess

The fact is that unless you live alone and have a highly developed sense of cleanliness (or a full time cleaner) you are never going to have a totally tidy home. If you have children, in particular teenagers, then you might decide to let them have full control of their bedrooms - as in, make their personal space as messy as they choose, on the agreement they do not create chaos elsewhere in the house. Deciding to do this could be very positive for your state of mind and for your relationship with your offspring. 

10. Make your bed the best spot in the house 

When all else fails, getting in between luxury sheets at the end of a hard day can do a lot to ease your stress. High end bedding and a comfortable mattress is an investment worth making.


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