Employee Q&A - Meet Gwen!

Employee Q&A - Meet Gwen!

8th Jun, 2017

Name: Gwen Kaye

Job title: Accounts Manager

How long have you worked at Applegate Properties?

I have worked here since November 2013, so almost four years!

What does your role involve?

I manage an array of accounts, and pride myself in making sure that our clients and suppliers are paid on time. I am also the office supervisor, ensuring that our HQ is run smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

What’s the best part about your job?

I am responsible for ensuring our clients’ money is secure and our accounts are frequently fully reconciled to the penny!

What’s your favourite property that Applegate has sold within the past 12 months?

The Barn at Slades. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the rustic features of the original building, alongside its modern twist!

Tell us your biggest work achievement since starting with Applegate

Wherever I have worked previously, I have always been responsible for accounts. As a result, moving to Applegate Properties wasn’t a completely new role for me, but I am proud of how I have integrated into – and contributed to – this great team.

Describe Applegate in three words

Efficient, happy, teamwork.

What makes Applegate different to other estate agencies?

We have a personal touch, which I don’t believe all estate agents have.

What’s your top tip for selling/letting a home?

Not only is it key to find the right home for each individual, it is also important to source the right tenant for the property in question.

Tell us your favourite Holmfirth haunt

I love Tapas, so Mezze has to be one of my favourite places!

Which one word would your colleagues use to describe you?

Calm – it’s not often that I’m flustered.

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