Five fabulous decorative ideas for flats

Five fabulous decorative ideas for flats

6th Apr, 2018

Some flats can be small, pokey and dark, which can leave you feeling a little lost when it comes to decorating. But these five simple tips can brighten up the smallest of spaces and make your rooms shine…


They not only provide you with additional storage space, but they also act as a basis for showing off a collection of decorative objects. It is a great idea to purchase floating shelves and stagger them across your wall for a unique look and design.


White is the perfect colour to brighten up any space. But, we’re not suggesting that your whole flat must be covered in white paint – this will strip away any personality from your home – simply using it on a few walls in a room can really open it up.


Adding a mirror to a room is a great decorative illusion – they reflect and bounce light around your space creating an open and lighter atmosphere.


Every home needs it, but it’s what you do with it that makes the real difference! Try to choose furniture with simple designs and neutral colours and think carefully about where you put different items, to ensure that your valuable space isn’t being wasted.

An extra handy tip is to also invest in dual purpose furniture. A sofa bed is the perfect example of this, especially if your space is limited and your flat only contains one bedroom.


It is so easy for a flat to become cluttered – and due to the smaller space it looks much more apparent, because there are fewer places to hide it. So, make an extra effort to have a tidy around and throw away things more regularly – it’ll make a huge difference to your home.

We hope that these tips will help you to keep your space in order, as well as make it light and airy.

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