Flatshares gain popularity across UK

Flatshares gain popularity across UK

11th Jan, 2016

With an increase in rent prices in the 4th quarter of 2015 across all regions of England and Wales, flat sharing is become a popular option for many.

Recent research from the largest rental data set stated that there was a rise of 3.8% in rents throughout 2015. All regions experienced an increase in rents throughout the 4th quarter, with the East of England experiencing the largest growth at a staggering 6.5% increase.

Other regions experienced lower rental changes of around 0.5% in Greater London and 0.4% in the North East.

Renters outside of London are becoming wise to the cost benefits of flat shares, with an average saving of £210 PCM. Not only do tenants save on rental prices, they can also save on bills, household amenities and other essentials.

While flat sharing is already hugely popular within London, the trend is growing into other regions of the UK as tenants realise the potential savings it offers them.


Article Source: www.rman.co.uk

Image Source: www.pixabay.com

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