Home maintenance checklist

Home maintenance checklist

30th Aug, 2017

When buying a new home many people only think about the initial financial expense, which comes with owning it. But, one thing that people can forget about is the time and labour which owning a property also requires.

Just like getting your car regularly MOT’d keeps it running happily, home maintenance tasks also keep you from future headaches and wasted money. Our handy checklist below will hopefully help you to keep your house in tip-top shape…

  1. Inspect regularly and where necessary change HVA (heating ventilation and air conditioning) filters
  2. Take a look at the plumbing – check pipes under your sink for leaks and ceilings for any water stains
  3. Give your chimney a check-up – if you have one inspect it regularly, even if you don’t use it often
  4. Test your smoke alarm and carbon dioxide detectors and replace batteries regularly – something as important as this should be done every 6 months 
  5. Check softness of your water with a soap test kit
  6. Give your house a deep clean approximately every 6 months to ensure dirt and grime don’t  build up
  7. Take a look at exterior drainage – clean out gutters for any blockages
  8. Rake the lawn and clear dead plants/shrubs from the garden
  9. Check all locks and deadbolts on your doors and windows
  10. Clear out any outbuildings you have – this includes sheds, basements or garages
  11. Test your house alarm – whether you use it regularly or not, it is important that it is working correctly in case it is needed
  12. Inspect sink drains for debris
  13. Take a look at your roof – make sure there are no loose or damaged shingles.

These are just some of the tasks you should carry out throughout your home. It may seem like an extensive list, but regularly checking these areas will mean that you can catch problems early, preventing them from escalating, saving you time and money.   

The good news is that you can do the majority of this on your own without much experience. Make Google your best friend or buy a DIY book, and if you get really stuck call your local handy man!

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