Home security

Home security

18th Jul, 2018

It is officially summer and the school holidays are fast approaching, which means you are probably counting down the days until you jet off abroad! 

But, going away means leaving behind an empty property for a while. Lots of you may worry about this, or you may never have even thought about it – but we think it’s important to keep your house and its contents safe, so you can thoroughly enjoy your well deserved break! 

Here are our five things to think about before setting off...


Most new build properties will already have a burglar alarm fitted, but it is super important to get it regularly tested! Everything can have teething problems – it’s better to be safe than sorry – so get it checked out before you go away. 

Equally, if your house doesn't have one, it's a great investment to go and purchase. Not only will it give you a piece of mind that everything at home is protected, it will also let your neighbours know if anything is out of the ordinary while you're not in.  


Check the locks on all of your windows and doors around your house. If any are faulty or loose replace them before going away – don't make it easy for any unwelcome visitors to enter your property.


You may think that it is a great idea to leave your lights on the whole time you are away, to create the illusion that someone is in. However, this can have the complete opposite effect. 

Instead, invest in some automatic timers, so your lights only come on in an evening and stay off during the day. This will be energy efficient, save on your electricity bill and make it appear as if you never went away.


It is a good idea to try and hide any valuables in your property. This is obviously a lot harder to do with big electrical items like TV's, and we're not suggesting you rearrange your whole house before you go on holiday. But if there are obvious things laying around, like car keys and jewellery, which could be easily spotted, it may entice someone to enter your home.

Instead, lock things away – in a safe if you have one – or just in a drawer hidden from view. 


If you are friendly with a neighbour or someone that lives on your street, there is no harm asking them to look after things whilst you’re away. You can even ask them to put out your bin if needed, and just generally keep an eye on things – it’ll definitely give you piece of mind that everything is ok back home.

In return, you can buy them something nice from duty free on your return trip! 

We hope that by using this checklist, you can secure your property before you go holiday, so that you can thoroughly enjoy your time away!

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