Homeowners predict house price rises in 2016

Homeowners predict house price rises in 2016

26th Jan, 2016

According to a House Price Sentiment Index (HPSI) published this week, UK homeowners are very confident that the prices of their houses will increase in 2016.

December showed a positive month, with 20.9% of homeowners in the country said to believe the price of their home had increased, compared to 3.6% of homeowners who believed the value of their home had decreased.

This resulted in a HPSI reading of 59.4, the 34th consecutive month where the index reading was above 50. Readings above 50 indicate growth in prices, with December showing just how impressive the market has been across the UK for some time now.

January has seen a slight fall in the index with a reading of 58.7, however the figure is still above the UK average of 58.5. This remains positive, with homeowners moving into the new year feeling very confident about their home's performance throughout 2016.

The future Sentiment Index is sitting just above where it was in January 2015 and we now know UK house prices climbed by 4.5% during the course of last year.

Here’s to a bright future for home owners in 2016!

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Article Source: www.rman.co.uk

Image Source: www.pixabay.com

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