How to brighten up your home after Christmas

How to brighten up your home after Christmas

8th Jan, 2020

So we thought we’d provide you with a few simple steps to transform your home and make it feel fresh and ready for the year ahead…


Easy to buy and put up, a mirror will not only make your room appear larger than it is but will also reflect light and give the illusion of a large and bright space – even in these darker months with shorter days.

Consider your furniture

Wherever possible, try and search for light-coloured furniture, rather than dark shades – think bookcases, storage units, coffee tables, sofas and rugs. Big, bulky items in a gloomy colour can make the room feel small, cramped and uninspiring.

Is it time for a lick of paint?

Darker shades have a way of making your space feel small and claustrophobic – colours like these tend to work the best when you have a larger room to work with! If you’re a fan of these atmospheric tones, consider a feature wall rather than painting the whole room. Light, pastel shades can be a quick way to give your home the January facelift it needs!

Light is your friend

Consider the different light bulbs available before you buy. Warm hues can make a space feel more inviting than a harsh white light. Lamps can also add extra ambience and make your home feel more appealing.

Introduce plants

Nothing freshens up a space more than house plants – adding a touch of greenery to a room can make a big difference and help you feel calmer and more relaxed.

We hope that these tips will help you to brighten up your space and hopefully see you through the January blues! If you’re thinking of putting your property on the market, this advice will similarly help to make your house feel more attractive to potential buyers.

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