How to brighten up your home

How to brighten up your home

28th Feb, 2019

With the beautifully bright properties we see on Pinterest, it’s easy to look around our own space and wonder why they don’t quite compare.

But, it’s actually quite simple to transform your space and add light throughout your property. So here are our tips to do just this, which will also create a happy home for you to live in.

Use mirrors

These little reflective items are perfect to dot around your house! Not only will they make your room appear larger than what it is, but they’ll also bounce any light coming in from a window around the space, and make it wonderfully bright.

Add white furniture

Wherever possible, try and search for white or light-coloured furniture, rather than dark shades – think bookcases, storage units, coffee tables, couches and rugs. And if you’re scared of getting them dirty, there are hundreds of products and care packages available to prevent and remove stains from your sparkling items – so take the plunge!

Keep obtrusive items away from windows

Is there a large plant or other piece of furniture partially blocking the light into your property? Move it! We would recommend putting these at the opposite side of the room to your windows, to allow as much natural sunlight into your space as possible.

Paint it

Dark shades have a way of making your space feel small and claustrophobic – colours like these tend to work the best when you have a huge room to work with! So, painting your walls white or pale grey has a fantastic way of brightening it up.

If you think these lighter tones are a little boring, you can always add bright accessories to add some personality.

Replace light bulbs

Get rid of your yellow-tint bulbs, and replace them with bright white LED ones to maximise the brightness coming from your lights. It may be that you need more sources in general, so add some extra table lamps where you can.

Introduce plants

We don’t think there is anything that really freshens up a space more than some well-placed flowers or leafy plants – you’ll literally breathe a new life into your property!

We hope that these tips will help you to brighten up your space and make your home more enjoyable to live in. If you’re thinking of putting your property on the market, this advice will similarly help to make your house feel inviting to potential buyers.

So if you’re on the lookout for a new home, head over to our site to see what’s currently on the market, or contact one of our helpful sales team.

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