How to choose the best agent

How to choose the best agent

26th Mar, 2019

For those of you who have previously sold your property or bought a new one, you’ll have first-hand experience of how stressful this can be. And you don’t want to add to that by using a poor estate agent, who doesn’t provide you with the service you have paid for.

So, it’s extremely important that you take your time when choosing which firm to use – after all, they’ll be responsible for one of the largest and most expensive assets you’ll ever own.

Here are our tips for sourcing the perfect agency for you…

Ask a friend

You can always rely on your friends and family to be completely honest about the service that they’ve received from a business, so ask them! If they wouldn’t use them again, then you know to keep looking.

Do your own research

The best places to start with are the agents are local to you – don’t only focus on the big, multi-agency brands, as the smaller ones can be just as good, with potentially a higher focus on customer service. There are even property comparison sites now, which help you to see who performs the best. And read online reviews – like your friends and family, these will usually be honest.

Select the type

There are two variations to choose from – traditional or online. A full-service agency will have an office that you can visit and will normally take care of every stage of the selling process, in return for a fee when the sale goes through. But digital-only ones will usually charge an up-front fee to put a house on the market, and some extra charges may be added on when the sale has taken place – it’s important to remember that you may need to deal with a lot on your own, which can be overwhelming.

Go to see them

When you have done your research, you’ll usually have two or three agents that you like which you’ve added to your ‘shortlist’. The next step would be to visit them, to ensure they are offering the service you are looking for. Seeing them face-to-face will allow you to get a much better sense of who they are.

While you’re there, it’s also the ideal time to ask them lots of questions to find out how they will market your property. In return you can tell them exactly what you need, how much support you want, and help them to understand your circumstances.

Think carefully about the valuation

Before deciding who to move forward with, make sure you ask at least three firms to value your home. But be careful. You are a potential customer after all, and some agents will overprice your property to win you over – but this could lead you to being stuck with a home that simply wont sell.

Do some market research before-hand – see what’s currently out there and what houses in your area are selling for – as that way you’ll have a better idea of what your home is worth and you can make the best decision when choosing which estate agent to use.

Finally, it’s important that you trust the firm you select and get along with them. They will be the first point of contact for all potential buyers, so you need to know that they will represent you and your property well. Remember, they work for you, so if you’re not receiving the service you think you should, it may be time to switch.

We hope that these tips will help you to make the very best decision for you, and if you’re on the lookout for someone to help you sell up, we may be exactly what you need! Ring one of our helpful sales team, to speak to someone about your requirements.

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