How to create more space in your home

How to create more space in your home

5th Oct, 2017

Is your home starting to feel cramped, cluttered and claustrophobic? Instead of upgrading to a larger property, have you thought about modifying your rooms to create the illusion of more space?

Follow some of these easy steps to open up and breathe new life into your home…


This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions, which everyone can do. Make sure everything in your home is neat and tidy, and more importantly has a place. If all your belongings are thrown all over your home, it is bound to make the space you have feel much smaller.

Another great way of organising is to purchase built-in furniture. This means you can customise it to fit into your surroundings perfectly.


Mirrors are magic in that they are a simple yet effective way to make your home feel bigger. They create the illusion of space by reflecting light and bouncing it across the whole room, which produces extra depth to any area.

Light colours

Redecorating your property may seem like a large and laborious task, but it is well worth it. If the walls in your house are dark and dull, consider repainting them with brighter colours, such as whites, creams, yellows or pastel shades. This will really help to create the sense of openness.

Double duty furniture

If your room already lacks space, you need to avoid overfilling it with bulky furniture. Of course some items are essential – and you cannot have an empty room – but try finding double-duty house fittings, which can be made smaller after use. Bigger pieces can be folded away if not in everyday use, which means less of your valuable space is used up.


The addition of glass doors is a more expensive – but the most effective – way to create the illusion of space in your property. If you replace your living areas traditional wooden doors with glass ones, this not only creates a contemporary feel, but also opens up your whole house. It produces a seamless flow through your space by removing all barriers produced by doors.

These ideas are by no means the only ones to add space to your property, but they are a great starting point. The best thing to do is play around and see what works for you – start making your property feel bigger! 

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