How to improve your indoor air quality

How to improve your indoor air quality

4th May, 2018

We think that the quality of your air at home is extremely important for a happier and healthier life. It may sound as if improving this would be a time consuming and difficult task, but here are some of our simple suggestions…

Open windows

Sometimes having your windows closed can’t be helped – especially if there is torrential rain or wind outside – but getting into the habit of opening them when you can is a good idea. It helps to lower concentrations of toxic chemicals, as well as carbon dioxide.

Clean and tidy your home

Whether you can see it or not, dust exists around your home and it will continue to form if you don’t clean. A great way to keep on top of this is to vacuum and mop your floors at least twice a week, as well as having a doormat in place to prevent dirt entering your home.

Keep down the humidity

The build up of moisture throughout your property can aid the growth of mould and the presence of dust mites, which pollute the air. Some bacteria produce allergens and mycotoxins, which can be extremely harmful to everyone. Using a dehumidifier and opening your windows when cooking or taking a shower, can effectively control the moisture throughout your house.

Allow your property to smell good naturally

Synthetic laundry products and air fresheners emit dozens of different chemicals into the air. Most of these fragrances are derived from petroleum products, and generally haven’t been tested to see if they have any significant effects when inhaled. Instead, look for fragrance-free or naturally-scented products and try to avoid using aerosol sprays.

Place air-filtering plants through your house

Thanks to the NASA Clean Air Study, we now know that – to some extent – houseplants can be used to eliminate toxic agents such as benzene, trichlorethylene and formaldehyde. The Peace Lily and Chrysanthemum are two good examples of plants which are very effective, as they filter out these toxins, as well as ammonia.

Remember, plants will only help a certain amount towards a healthier indoor air quality, as their pollutant rate is small meaning there is no way they could capture all of it. So don’t just simply rely on a few plants dotted around your home to help with this problem!

These are some of the easy ways to improve your air quality in your property. When combined they can really work towards a cleaner indoor air – so start implementing them now!

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