How to keep your house and its contents safe whilst on holiday

How to keep your house and its contents safe whilst on holiday

26th Jul, 2017

Jetting away on holiday is an exciting time for everyone – relaxing and enjoying the sun, what’s not to love? But sometimes, the thrill of getting away can have an undertone of worry, as you’re leaving behind your precious home with all your valuables inside.

So, below are the key things to consider to ensure your sunbathing time isn’t spent fretting, and to put your mind at ease that everything at home is taken care of!

Automatic timer switches

Don’t leave your lights on the whole time you’re away – not only will this bump up your electricity bill, but it literally highlights that you’re away! Automatic timer switches allow you to pre-programme in specific hours of the day that you’d like your lights to be on or off – making it look as if you never left!

Curtains and blinds

Knowing whether to leave your curtains and blinds open or closed is always a tricky decision. Leaving them closed during the day suggests that the house isn’t occupied, so it is better to leave them open and make use of your automatic timer switches instead!

House alarm

If you have a house alarm, this is the perfect time to utilise it. This way if anyone attempts to enter your property the alarm will go off, notifying your neighbours that something is up. Your home and its contents are bound to be safer with this as a deterrent!


Equally, if you don’t have a house alarm, then asking a trusted neighbour – or even a friend that lives close by – to keep an eye on your property, is a good way to put your mind at ease. In addition to knowing someone is holding the fort for you, you might even ask them to take care of little chores like watering your plants, putting your bin out or looking after your pet!

Keep valuables out of sight

Keep all of your prized possessions out of sight – don’t leave them where they can be spotted easily through a window. If you have some items that are extra special, you might want to lock them away in a safe or take them to your bank, who can deposit them safely whilst you’re away.


It is good practice, regardless of whether you’re going on holiday or not, to check your window security measures. 30% of all burglaries start with an unsecure window as an entry point, so it’s a good idea to invest in robust locks. These will provide extra security for your property, not only whilst you’re away, but all year round!


If your property has a garage or shed, make sure these are also securely locked up. Garages are often connected to your house, so this can be an easy entry point for an intruder. Both are also often used as storage for bikes, gardening equipment and other valuable items, so don’t make them easy pickings for a burglar by failing to secure them!

Household insurance

Make sure you have the cover you need for your contents – and that it stays valid whilst you’re away. Check that there are no exclusions in your policy – such as being away for more than a certain amount of days – as these could void your insurance. It could be that you simply need to notify your provider, before going away, so it is always a good idea to check before you leave.

These tips are just some quick and easy tasks to undertake before you go away, to make sure you’re not worrying about your property. You can relax and enjoy the sun, knowing you have done everything you can to take care of your home! 

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