How to make a new build a home

How to make a new build a home

13th Sep, 2019

There are often two types of property buyers -- those who want to renovate and those who don't.

People that don't wish to take on a project tend to buy new builds where everything is pretty much done for them, and no major additional work needs doing. 

But there is the risk of a property not having that 'homey' atmosphere and it not feeling truly yours. So how can you put your own stamp on a brand new house?

Get involved at an early stage

One of the easiest and best ways to put your own mark on a new home is to get involved before workers even begin building - or at least when they start on the interior. 

You can then pick your own plot, which has huge advantages - especially if some come with more privacy and bigger gardens - and select some of the fixtures and furnishings. What's included as part of the deal will differ depending on the builder, but often they allow you to pay extra for something you really want to add which they don't offer as standard. 

Get out the paint brush

It can be tempting to leave all walls the pale shade the builder has selected throughout, as this leaves your home feeling bright, clean and new. 

But a great way to make your space feel less cold and clinical is to add a splash of colour to your rooms. This doesn't have to be a bright orange, but it can be subtle pastel shades of your choice, which will further add a personal touch and make it feel like your own home.

A top tip is to wait until you've been in your home at least nine months to do this. Your new property will absorb water as it's being built, so will take a while to gradually dry out. During this time you may notice minor cracks in walls, gaps in joinery and white deposits on walls - don't worry though, you should be able to claim on your warranty, or as part of your snagging list, for these to be rectified. And, when they've been sorted you can add a new lick of paint! 

Look out for inspiration

Is there something you love about a friend or family member's home, or even a local shop? Take a picture or log it, so you can incorporate it in your own space. 

If you don't have the app already, Pinterest is a fantastic place to seek inspiration and you can easily save all of your images in one place. Picking out one design element can be very overwhelming, so it's a good idea to get started early and decide on the look and feel you'd like to achieve in your house. 

If you're really stuck, ask your house builder - they should be more than geared up to help you with interior styles and ideas! 

Add textures

Don't despair if you didn't get chance to choose your favourite type of flooring. A simple trick to alleviate this is to add rugs - they're an easy way to incorporate warmth, colour and personality to a space. 

You can also introduce textures with wallpapers, which will create a unique atmosphere in each room, depending on the colour and pattern. 


This is the best way to make your new build truly feel like a home! In each room you can add pictures - art or photographs of loved ones - mirrors, cushions, towels, storage units and so much more. 

These are what make your property look different from the rest. 

You often know when you've walked into a brand new property - by the clean and pristine nature of them - but they don't always have to feel uninviting. 
If you're on the lookout for a new home to buy, or alternatively want a huge project to work on - we have it all! Check out what's currently on the market here. 

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