How to make a rental house a home

How to make a rental house a home

25th Apr, 2018

When renting a property from someone else, it can be hard to make it feel like your own home – without completely redecorating! This is why we have come up with some simple ways to help you personalise your space.

Disguise bits you don’t like

Focal points in a rental home – like the flooring and wall paint – aren’t usually things that a landlord would allow you to make major changes to. So, get creative and disguise these areas with big rugs and wall art – transform the spaces you don’t like into something you do.

Make freestanding furniture your friend

Rented homes often lack storage space, which can ultimately lead to clutter – something we all want to avoid! Tackling this issue with a hammer, nails and shelves isn’t always an option, so the easiest thing to do is purchase free standing furniture – and you can even take this with you to your next property if you move out.

A great example of this is bookcases – they can provide the perfect combination of storage and decoration!

Add a splash of colour

Adding colour has to be the easiest way to personalise a house. It can influence your mood and really make you feel at home. The simplest way to do this is by adding cushions, rugs, curtains and lampshades of your own choosing around your property.

Invite in the outdoors

We don’t mean literally open your doors to the wilderness, but placing a few indoor plants around your home can add an extra dimension to your décor, whilst naturally making your house smell fresh.

Fill your home with the things you love

Surround yourself with objects that mean something to you. This can be anything from ornaments and treasures you’ve inherited or brought back from a trip away, to photos of your loved ones. Your property will soon be transformed from an emotionless space to a home filled with fond memories.

Replace and add temporary things

By this we mean replace the light shades, add your own rugs and curtains, put throws on your sofa and anything else you can think of that can simply be changed back when you leave. There is even such a thing as removable wallpaper! It comes in a range of designs, is mess-free and can be reused – what could be simpler?

We hope that some of these ideas will capture your imagination and help you to truly make your rental property a home. Try not to be disheartened by permanent fixtures and fittings you can’t change – focus on what you can modify – and with a bit of love and attention your space will be your own.

If you’re on the lookout for a property to rent, you can speak to one of our helpful lettings advisors here.

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