How to pack for your house move

How to pack for your house move

14th Apr, 2016

When you have successfully bought your new home and need to move out of your current property, you will have to think about the logistics of getting your belongings there in tip top condition. With proper planning, you can minimise the stress of packing up.

Invest in decent materials that will protect your possessions. You will need: thick cardboard, strong cardboard boxes, packing tape and sellotape, breathable bubble wrap, plain white acid free tissue paper, scissors, fragile stickers and a marker pen.

Begin at the top of the house and work down. Pack in order of priority. The items you have that you don’t use regularly, like ornaments and books, can be packed weeks before you move out. 

The packing process is an opportunity to declutter. You are likely to come across items you no longer need or want, so make use of an online auction site or give your unwanted goods to charity. 

Spend some time considering how you are going to pack your possessions. It may sound obvious but pack heavier items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top. Always pack heavy items in small boxes for easier transportation and make sure boxes aren’t too heavy, to avoid back injuries. 

Use plain white acid free paper to wrap your possessions for safe transit as newspaper leaves a residue and can even tarnish silverware. Place thick card on artwork and framed mirrors to protect the glass, then wrap the whole thing in breathable bubble wrap. Use scrunched up plain paper or bubble wrap to create padding for the bottom of boxes.

The chances are you won’t be able to unpack everything on the first day in your new place, so it's worth deciding what you might need easy access to when you arrive. Pack a box of essentials and carry this with you to get you through the first night.

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