How to prepare a rental home for a viewing

How to prepare a rental home for a viewing

15th Mar, 2016

Are you a buy-to-let landlord looking to rent your property? Then you’ll want to pull out all the stops to ensure the place makes an impact. Here are our top tips for preparing your property for viewings:

First impressions

Many renters will drive past your property to check it out before they decide whether or not to make a viewing, so keep your house looking shipshape from the outside to ensure that potential tenants want to take that next step. Clean up the exterior walls, cut the grass, trim hedges and do the weeding. Give the front door and the window frames a lick of paint if necessary and put some well tended plants in pots or hanging baskets outside your property.

Neutralise the interiors

For rented properties, you need to appeal to the widest audience possible, and the best way to do this is to create a neutral space. Decorating needn’t be a costly venture; the most straightforward approach is to paint the walls in cream and beige tones. Hardwood and laminate flooring create the illusion of more space and give a neater, more streamlined look than carpet.

Let the light in

A little bit of sunlight can make the property look brighter and more welcoming. Remove items that might block light out, such as vases or photo frames on windowsills. You could remove the curtains from around your property before a viewing, the chances are the potential tenants won't even notice and that little bit of extra light will ensure a happier vibe to really make your property shine.

Clean up

If you have a sitting tenant already, it can be tricky to get them to make sure your property is  looking good before a viewing, so offering them a professional clean is a win-win situation. This way, they get to have their place cleaned to a high standard, and you can show off a beautiful property that looks pristine.


A renter needs to be able to imagine living in your home so it is essential that you declutter. Create a feeling of space by minimising knick knacks and allowing distinctive features like fireplaces to be fully appreciated. Of course you’ll want to keep the place warm in winter, though whatever the season open the windows regularly to let fresh air in. Keep the TV and music turned off when viewings are taking place as they can be distracting. It’s a cliché, but freshly brewed coffee or baked bread are still the most appealing aromas to be found in the house, so if you’re an amateur baker or coffee enthusiast now’s the time to indulge your hobbies!

Don’t forget

Potential tenants will want to see every room and are likely to want to look in cupboards and see the loft too. Bear this in mind and try to put these spaces in order to avoid any last minute stress before viewings.

And finally, you love your pets but...

…other people might not. Ask a friend or neighbour to look after them during a viewing so as not to distract (or scare) viewers from your property.

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