How to prevent heat loss in your home

How to prevent heat loss in your home

25th Oct, 2018

We have officially said goodbye to summer and a blustery, cold autumn has begun – so the heating may have already been switched on in your property, to keep you toasty!

But keeping your entire house warm can be an expensive task, so to help prevent any of it escaping we have come up with some helpful tips…


Unused chimneys are a common way for warmth to escape. If you still use it, it’s a good idea to invest in a removable balloon, which can be used at times when you don’t have the fire on – alternatively if you don’t use it at all, consider having it capped off by a professional.

Windows and doors

Draught-proofing strips work really well around windows and between door frames – both internally and externally. Cracks and gaps between the frames, walls and floors can also prove to be a nuisance, so consider filling them in with sealant or attaching a special ‘brush’ which will form a barrier to the cold.

Extractor fan

If you have one of these in your kitchen or bathroom, it is worth modifying it to include a timer – if it doesn’t have this already. Leaving your extractor fan on unnecessarily when it is no longer needed, can chill your whole house!  


Trapped air in your radiators stops them from working efficiently. So it is worth checking all of them to feel for cold spots – especially at the top – which could be a sign that they need bleeding. This will release the air and ensure that your heating system is working to its full potential.

Radiator shelves are also a great way to throw heat forward into a room, rather than it rising straight to the ceiling. Most hardware shops still stock purpose-made ledges that clip easily onto most types.

Disused vents

Sometimes – especially on older properties – you will have vents in external walls that you no longer need, so seal them up to prevent any valuable warmth from escaping!


Curtains are great a method of preventing heat loss. You can buy heavy-duty ones, or an extra thermal lining for your existing ones. But try not to let any hang over your radiators, as this can prevent these from doing their job and warming the room.

We hope that our advice proves useful as the weather is slowly turning colder – and you never know, it may save you some extra pennies for Christmas!

If you’re on the lookout to purchase or let a property, please feel free to get in touch with us and one of the team will happily help you.

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