Huddersfield found to be one of the most popular places to search for housing in the UK!

Huddersfield found to be one of the most popular places to search for housing in the UK!

4th Oct, 2016

Huddersfield has been found to be the third most popular place to search for housing in the UK, according to a recent survey.

In a ranking that comes as no surprise to us here at Applegate Properties, the town has been found to be the third most sought after area on property website Zoopla, with London and Greater Manchester taking the top two positions. It seems that the level of interest in housing in larger cities has been decreasing and is instead being directed towards the rolling hills of Huddersfield in recent months.

People all over the country are really beginning to see the excellent benefits that housing in Huddersfield and its surrounding area has to offer. Many potential buyers and tenants are attracted to the central position of Huddersfield between Manchester and Leeds and the fact it has great transport links to the two. Instead of having to pay house prices that are sky high in order to work in these cities, Huddersfield's housing market offers a much more affordable alternative.

Furthermore, the beautiful countryside and close proximity to the Yorkshire Moors offers a unique selling point for people hoping to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Another factor being suggested for Huddersfield's success in the rankings has been due to the award-winning University of Huddersfield, which is largely considered an 'up and coming' university. This is said to have significantly helped boost demand for Huddersfield housing.

Here at Applegate Properties, as an agent that specialises in selling and letting properties in the area - we have seen for ourselves the rising number of people enquiring about buying and letting Huddersfield homes. We're proud that more and more people are seeing all the great qualities that property in Huddersfield offers. Applegate Properties are experts in tapping specifically into Huddersfield's thriving housing market to make sure your house is sold or rented as quickly and efficiently as possible, as well as offering the best homes in the area to potential new buyers.

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