Innovate as you renovate

Innovate as you renovate

26th Oct, 2017

If your home has had the same interior since you moved in, it may be time to freshen up your living space.

With all the modern ‘techy’ innovations available today, it is easy to create affordable masterpieces in your home out of pretty much anything. So, as you’re renovating your property think about what you can do to really make it stand out – and most of all, get creative!


These days you can pretty much make a feature out of almost anything in your home – add a lightbulb and some electricity to transform it into a handy light source for any room. Great examples are all around us – walk into any bar or restaurant and there are bound to be some funky light fittings, such as an array of bottles stacked in an artsy manner, providing the perfect atmosphere.  

Sun power

As well as the fitting of the lights, why not think about an alternative way to produce the actual electricity? Solar panels becoming more and more popular nowadays, so take a look at having some installed. They may seem pricey, but after the initial payment you can soon make your money back by saving on your electricity bills each month, as well as being more energy efficient – what could be better?  


Furniture can be beautiful as well as practical. If you’re a dab hand at joinery this would be the perfect opportunity to get your hands dirty, and create some bespoke pieces for your home. You can even transform an old piece of furniture – such as a bookstand – into some funky freestanding shelves across your walls – the possibilities are endless.


You can do some really great things with old sofas and chairs, by simply replacing the upholstery with something different and modern.  You can create something you cannot buy anywhere else, meaning you also don’t have to fork out for completely new items.  

Smart paint

You may want to give the rooms in your home a fresh lick of paint to really brighten them up. Some of the best new paints harness technology to solve common problems, like stains, scratches and chips. These are 20 times tougher than standard emulsions, meaning you don’t have to go around with the paint brush throughout the year touching up any accidents.  Also, if some of your rooms are small and dark, and prove difficult to decorate, there are also paints available containing light-reflective particles to bounce light around your room and really open it up!  

So, whether you’re doing a big renovation or simply want to add a few new touches to your home, some of these ideas will really help you. Get creative and innovate as your renovate!

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