It’s time to find a new normal…..and work out how to download Only Fools & Horses!

It’s time to find a new normal…..and work out how to download Only Fools & Horses!

31st Mar, 2020

Try to find a new routine

We all know babies need routine. The real truth is that it’s actually all humans and many other species that need routine the most. Routine to many will help support them through the next few weeks and months, retaining our daily purpose and enabling us to still gain mini achievement rewards upon task completion.

We have heard all sorts of different things our clients and friends are trying out, ranging from eating at set times, wearing certain clothes during the day, doing hair and makeup on a weekend evening, yoga to awaken the spine with stretches and even cold showers (see Wim Hof on YouTube/Netflix). In this time of uncertainty, it may be beneficial to try different routines and see which bits work best on different days.

We’d love to hear any hints and tips you have on building your routine that we can share with the local community via our social media posts using the hashtags #findinganewnormal #routineworks

Stop tidying up

An article recently said trying to tidy up all day after a child is impossible and therefore often becomes stressful. Even as adults, we will notice our houses becoming messier quickly – as we are  using them all day! The Government has stopped allowing people to view properties for sale or rent so homes no longer need to be a ‘show home’, the challenge comes in trying to embrace a little bit of mess, especially if you have small people in your household and try to limit the tidying to 1-2 times per day. If you succeed with managing this, you will have acquired a new skill – we will call it ‘mindful mess’ for now.

We would love to share your before and after pictures of your children’s play area or your kitchen using the hashtag #reallife

Tech, good or bad?

I’d never even heard of Zoom and now suddenly it's the app is on my phone and everyone is talking about it. Using tech to run my business has been amazing. I’ve held team meetings easily via video and we've even met each other’s dogs and children,! It's also meant my little girl has been able to stay in touch with her Dad and Grandparents in isolation – fantastic!

But, I find myself realising my ‘tech rules’ are becoming blurred, I’m usually on the phone so much at work all day that I try to put the phone down in the evening which I don’t feel has happened these last few weeks in a keenness to ‘stay connected’. Below, our team has listed their favourite apps to help them through COVID-19 isolation. It’s important to limit your use of technology though, and not use it all the time.

Whatsapp – Free individual calling or group messaging for the UK and over-seas.

Zoom – Group video calling for business or personal use – bring everyone to your dining table (also hosting a lot of yoga/exercise classes)

Words – Scrabble with family anytime, take your turn and let them squirm at your high score!

Pintrest – Inspiration ideas for home improvements, things to do/make with children at home and ideas for cooking plus much more.

Newspaper/Magazine app – all magazines and newspapers now have an app that you can download and either see limited content for free or pay a subscription which means you never miss your favourite articles.

Calm/Breethe/Headspace – Now, is the perefect time to learn meditation. Scientifically proven to relieve stress, aid sleep, assist in weight loss, gain immunity and increase mental and bodily strength. Only ten minutes per day has been proven to be positive.

Youtube – Help with exercise routines free yoga, Joe Wicks children’s P.E. class plus much more. There is also the top 100 Disney soundtracks and videos which is a must for any age group.

Podcasts – Podcasts are audio recordings, similar to radio shows. Search the internet for a topic or speaker of your choice or simply Google ‘top 100 podcasts’ for inspiration.

Netflix/Amazon TV – Great for films, series, documentaries and those golden oldies such as Only Fools & Horses – we need something to keep the belly laughs going right now!

We sincerely hope that everyone stays as well as they can, both mentally and physically during these uncertain and often worrying times. There are some positives out there for each of us hopefully – the challenge will be to find them.

Please share your positive news with us on Twitter  using the hashtag #findingpositives.

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