It’s time to party!

It’s time to party!

27th Sep, 2017

With only 5 weeks to go until Halloween and 12 until Christmas, the party season is just around the corner. And if you’re planning on hosting this year’s celebrations in your own home, it’s a great idea to get ahead and start the planning now!

Here are some simple ways to dazzle your guests and make the tidying up the day after a whole lot easier…

Make an invitations list and send them

Sending an invitation has never been simpler, and cheaper with thanks to the power of social media. Facebook allows you to create a group surrounding the event, where you can invite whoever you want – you can even make the group private if it is a surprise party. But, if you’re a traditionalist and want to buy your invites and send them via the post, make sure you do it with plenty of time to spare to allow your guests to save the date!

Decide on a theme

If you decide on a theme for your party – with Halloween and Christmas coming up, these are perfect opportunities to dress up – make sure details of this are included on your invitation. Once this has been decided, consider decorating your home with the appropriate accessories and even personalising a playlist with songs to match the theme. It doesn’t even have to cost a lot – it’s easy and simple to create your own homemade decorations.

Clean and declutter your home

Having a party is great fun for those invited, but sometimes it can be stressful for the host. This is mainly due to the fear of something being ruined or broken. But if you clean your home and remove all ornaments from the partying areas before anyone arrives – anything that is loose or can be knocked over – breakages can be avoided and you can relax knowing your possessions are safe.

Think about food and drink 

Another job for the host is to make sure that everyone has a drink in their hand and has had something to eat. An easy way of making sure everyone is taken care of is to provide a buffet, meaning all your guests can serve themselves as and when they like. Similarly, a good way to make sure the drinks are flowing is to have ice buckets full of beverages to allow people to help themselves. This will mean some of the pressure is removed and you can enjoy your evening alongside your guests.

Purchase disposable cutlery and table cloths

Thinking ahead to the’ big clear up’ the day after, purchasing disposable cutlery and table cloths means that you can simply throw everything away. Table covers also mean that any spillages do not damage the surfaces, making it even simpler to restore your house back to its former glory.

These are just some tips to help you prepare for the big party, keep your home and it’s belongings as safe as possible, and help you think ahead to the cleaning the morning after. So, instead of stressing about being the host, make sure you plan ahead and it’s guaranteed that you will enjoy your evening!  

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