Keeping tenants happy in their property

Keeping tenants happy in their property

7th Dec, 2015

With as many as 35 per cent of people renting in the UK, the demand for properties is higher than ever. However, with the number of tenants on the rise, it can be difficult for landlords or letting agents to make sure every tenant is satisfied with their property and the service they receive.

It may not be possible to please tenants all the time but it is important to ensure that their overall rental experience is good. In doing so, you may improve retention levels and receive other long term benefits. Here are a few simple steps that we take to make sure our tenants are happy in their home:


Communication is key. A strong relationship between tenant and letting agents is crucial in making sure the tenant is happy. Providing timely and helpful communications or just acknowledgement of a message is very effective in keeping your tenant satisfied. If, for example, the tenant has a leak, they will not want to wait a week to hear back about repairs.

Manage Effectively

Going hand in hand with communication is effective management. Whether it’s general maintenance or an emergency, dealing with issues quickly will impress the tenant. Following on from the leak, having a contractor deal with the leak as soon as the letting agent is notified will leave the tenant feeling safe in the knowledge that their home is protected.

Home Security

The popularity of renting has meant the average tenancy time has slowly crept up over the past years. More tenants are wanting to stay longer in one property, and therefore, are looking for security within their property. The end of a contract period can be a stressful time for both tenant and letting agent and many may feel anxious as to whether their contract will be extended. Conversing with the tenant over an extension can bring peace of mind to both parties.

At Applegate Properties we have always understood that the relationship with our tenants is just as important as the relationship we have with our landlords. Taking our tenants feedback into consideration we have also introduced a text updating system which lets all of our tenants receive updates on on-going works even whilst they are at work.

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