Low interest rates increase investment in property

Low interest rates increase investment in property

1st Dec, 2015

With interest rates remaining low and desirable buy-to-let mortgages available, investment in property remains high. Over recent months, property sales have continued to stay strong and there seems to be no intentions of this changing.

October marked another strong month in the property market with 115,650 property transactions. According to HMRC’s latest statistics, there was a small decline in residential and non-residential transactions from the total recorded in September, dropping 0.2 per cent. However, in comparison to 2014, the UK’s transactions stand at 6.3 per cent higher each month.

With the news of chancellor George Osborne's three per cent stamp duty surcharge on second homes being introduced in April, it is expected that high transaction levels will continue. With the demand for rental properties, investors are likely to take advantage of the low interest rates and affordable mortgages, causing a surge of transactions between now and March 2016. 


Article source: rman.co.uk

Picture source: pixabay.com

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