Meet Francesca Herbert - Applegate’s Lettings Advisor

Meet Francesca Herbert - Applegate’s Lettings Advisor

25th Oct, 2019

Here at Applegate Properties, we pride ourselves on being a traditional estate agency with a 'modern' twist - achieved thanks to our amazing team. Each month, we want to shine the spotlight on a different member of staff, to find out a little bit more about what makes them tick!

Next up it's Francesca Herbert, our lettings advisor... 

1. Describe your role in less than 100 words:

I help to put houses on the market and manage the numerous properties for sale, including maintenance and ensuring everything complies with legislation. 

No day in the office is the same - and I'm usually busy and kept on my toes - which I love! 

2. How long have you worked at Applegate Properties? 

About 4 months, but it feels like longer! 

3. What's your favourite part of your role? 

The team - we have a wonderful bunch of people that work at Applegate and it makes our days great! 

4. What one word would your colleagues use to describe you? 


5. Which three words would you use to describe Applegate?

Professional, committed and friendly. 

6. Why does Applegate stand out from its competitors? 

We do what we say we will do. We brand ourselves as a traditional estate agent with a modern twist -- with a high focus on quality customer service -- and I believe we achieve this. 

7. If you could sell one celebrity home, whose would it be and why? 

Idris Elba - for no reason other than he's gorgeous! 

8. Do you have a favourite property which has been sold, since working at Applegate? 

It was a house we recently sold on Paris Road in Holmfirth -- it was the tidiest house I'd ever seen! 

9. What's your top tip for letting a home? 

Keep it clean and smelling nice - this will always make your property welcoming to viewers. 

10. Tell us your favourite spot to visit in Holmfirth:

Bloc - you can get literally anything on toast!  

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