More memories made in UK rental homes

More memories made in UK rental homes

18th Jan, 2016

More Brits are choosing to experience more of life's milestones whilst renting homes, according to a newly-released survey.

For decades, owning a home was seen as the first major responsibility in life, followed by marriage and children, however people are now more commonly taking a different approach to the tradition, choosing to live in rented properties.

The survey shows that currently up to 23% of UK residents are getting married while living in privately rented accommodation.

And it seems that more people see flat sharing, previously seen as a temporary solution for younger people, as a long-term plan. Some 27% of people said they believe this to be the case at present.

In addition to this, it was found that there are more older people than ever before living in shared, rented flats. Of those who live in flat shares, as many as 28% live with people over the age of 40.

Among the over 55s, some 29% said they were also currently renting. This shows that perhaps it's not just the younger generation that is getting on board when it comes to the move towards  ‘generation rent.’

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