New home owners day!

New home owners day!

5th May, 2017

The 1st May was new home owners day, which is designed to celebrate the great adventure of buying your own house!

For some of you, this occasion may have given you the chance to celebrate what will become a loving home that you intend to pass onto your children, or it could simply be your first step on the property ladder. Whatever your reason for becoming a house owner, we know how much of a big adjustment it can be settling into your new property. So, below are some tips to help you adapt to your new surroundings…

1.Create a checklist of things to do after you move in

One of the main reasons people find it difficult to settle into a new home, is that there seems to be a mountain of things to do. This means you don’t have time to enjoy your new space. So, making a checklist of all the things you need to do, after your move, may relieve you of some of this stress , enabling you to manage your tasks, and breathe a little easier.

2.Fill out a change of address form

Moving home or buying your first propety is usually very stressful in itself, without your important mail being sent to your old address. If you fill out one of these forms as soon as you can, you can begin to settle into your new pad knowing all of your post is on its way! These are available from the Royal Mail website, which you can find here.              

3.Secure your home

One of the main reasons you may feel you can’t settle into your new property, is that you’re unsure about how secure it is. You have just moved your whole life into a new, and possibly unfamiliar place, so this is completely understandable. To alleviate this worry it’s always a good idea to check the quality of the locks on all of the doors and windows, and consider an alarm if your new home doesn’t have one.

If it does, does it work? If not then get it fixed, and/or re-set as this will put your mind at ease that your home is safer.

4.Get to know your new neighbours

Moving into a new property can feel lonely at times, if you’ve become part of a new community where you may not know anyone. So, reach out! This may take a lot of effort on your part as you are officially the ‘newbie’. But, if you do simple things like joining a local gym, attending neighbourhood events or even throwing a house-warming party, you will become more familiar with your new surroundings and the people that live in your area.

5.Arranging furniture

This may seem such a simple task, but how you arrange your belongings can really help you to settle into your new property. It may take some time for a room to feel both comfortable and functional, so be prepared to rearrange furniture and buy new things if you don’t feel it is creating the right cosy atmosphere.

Are you struggling to make your house a home? Our blog on giving your property that homely feel is sure to give you a few new ideas, to really settle in! Read it here.

If you’re a home owner or wish to become one and want to buy or sell a property, see how we could help you…

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