Our very own apprenticeship success story

Our very own apprenticeship success story

9th Mar, 2017

We’re just over halfway through National Apprenticeship Week, so we thought what better way to help promote apprenticeships, than tell you about our own success story?

In 2014, we took on Laura Simpson as a trainee whilst she was still completing her apprenticeship, to support our growing team with administrative tasks within our portfolio of rental properties.

And her strong work ethic and determination, alongside each member of staff dedicating time to her development, meant that she soon became a valued part of the Applegate Properties family.

And her work didn’t go unnoticed – in mid-2016, she was recognised by Kirklees Apprenticeship Hub as an outstanding apprentice, and received an award for her efforts. Go Laura!

Soon after, she became a permanent fixture on our team as a lettings negotiator. And then, earlier this year, a position became available for lettings manager – a role which she’s grabbed with both hands and made her own.

That means that within the space of two years, Laura has gone from star apprentice to accomplished lettings manager – a success story worth shouting about!

So, if anybody asked us if we could recommend hiring an apprentice, we’d say yes! They are often the individuals who are the most eager to learn, and appointing one can even help to develop the rest of the team.

We have had great experiences with apprenticeships, and we’re more than happy to shout about the benefits of them, to both employers and students.

That’s part of the reason why our founder and MD Amy Wray and lettings and sales administrator Chloe Byrne attended Kirklees College’s Employability Week yesterday.

They spoke to students about the benefits of gaining on-the-job experience whilst studying at college, what a career in estate agency involves and the skills required to succeed. It was encouraging to see so many young students interested in the world of work!

There’s a benefit for us too – getting involved and chatting to apprentices helps us to feed our own talent pool.

We’re always on the lookout for keen work experience students too, so if you’re looking for a role to add to your CV, then get in touch!

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