Preparing your home for viewings

Preparing your home for viewings

24th May, 2018

In line with our blog last week on the best time of year to sell your property, we thought it would be helpful to follow this up with some tips on preparing your house for viewings.

It can be stressful inviting people into your home, who will potentially be scrutinising every part of your space. But if you make a little bit of effort before they arrive, you can really showcase your beautiful property and do it justice.

Here are some of our suggestions…

Let the light in

Allowing natural light into your house is one of the easiest ways to create an appealing environment. All you have to do is throw back your curtains and blinds, and let the sun do the rest of the work for you – it creates an open and warm feel about your home that artificial light simply can’t.


We don’t mean empty all of the rooms – this will leave your space feeling cold and uninviting. Simply remove things from work tops and throw out anything that has begun to build up and clutter your space. You want the viewer to easily imagine themselves living here, and making it their own home.


Once you have decluttered your space, make sure you have gone around your home with a duster and the vac – as well as ensuring everything is put away and tidy. If a viewer goes into a room where there are clothes or toys covering the floor and the surfaces are covered in dust, it may give off the impression you haven’t looked after your house very well.

Work on temperature control

A house viewing isn’t just about what people see, it is also about how they feel in your property. Try to have it at a comfortable temperature and be prepared to show prospective buyers ways to adjust any controls.

Get a babysitter

We don’t mean for your children – unless you think this is a good idea – we mean for your pets! We know you probably adore your animals, but some viewers will feel really uncomfortable with them around, which may put them off your property. So it is a good idea to ask a family friend or relative to look after them for a couple of hours whilst you have visitors.

Make your garden appealing

In fact, this just doesn’t apply to your garden – any space that will welcome your viewers needs to be tidy and presentable. If you have an outdoor space – at the front or back of your home – make sure the lawn is cut and outdoor furniture is clean. Remember, this may be the thing that makes a person want to buy your house or not.

Be presentable

As the property owner, you can really help the viewing process and make a viewer feel at ease and comfortable in your home. It may seem silly but dressing well and having a smile on your face can help to do just this.

If you are initially showing people around your space, it is also worth letting them look around it on their own once they know where everything is, so that they don’t feel you are watching them.

Remember, a prospective buyer wants to find a property that they can imagine becoming their home. So creating a light, homely and clutter-free environment is really important for viewers.

If you’re looking to sell your house, we may be able to help! Contact one of our reliable sales team here.

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