Properties selling fast despite Brexit

Properties selling fast despite Brexit

6th Jul, 2016

This month was one to remember for the UK as we voted whether to leave or stay in the UK. With the end result being leave, the whole country has been left in a state of uncertainty.

The housing market faces a period of ambiguity following the vote and nobody knows what the end result will be. There are 2 years to negotiate terms of exit from the EU, and we can only speculate as to how it will affect the housing market.

The Governor of the Bank of England recently suggested possible interest rate cuts over the Summer, saying some monetary policy easing will likely be required. All of this is potentially good news for mortgage buyers who could get a better deal.

Despite the EU referendum result, we are staying positive. We are proud to say our properties are still selling, and fast! Last week we sold 2 properties within a record breaking 7 minutes of each other here which is an amazing achievement. Our phones are always ringing and we are still very busy. June has proven to be a fruitful month and we hope to continue with our success throughout July. 


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