Save money running your home in 2016

Save money running your home in 2016

4th Jan, 2016

The costs of Christmas and New Year can quickly add up, leaving your pockets feeling empty come January. Here’s how to save the pounds in 2016.


We’re all guilty of buying too much bread that ends up mouldy or forgetting about the potatoes in the back of the cupboard. If you won’t eat it, freeze it. Simple meal planning can save a fortune with studies showing that making the most of the food you have, can save around £700 a year! With a lot of festive food still in our fridges, think about what you can do with those leftovers.


Even when devices are switched off, they can still be using energy. These ‘sleeping’ devices can account for as much as 10% of your household energy. Studies show that the average home contains around 40 products that are constantly drawing power.

The highest energy consuming products include any with remote controls such as TV, external power supplies, chargers and laptops/computers.


The average UK water bill is roughly £385 a year. Installing a free water meter measures the amount of water you use, potentially saving you up to £100 a year. It isn’t always efficient to switch, but using a water meter calculator can help you make a judgement. Another way to save money is to insulate your hot water cylinder. This can save up to £35 a year, help your taps run hot quicker and save more energy. 


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