Sprucing up your garden for summer

Sprucing up your garden for summer

8th Jun, 2018

The winter months can be harsh on your garden, so now may be the perfect time to give your outdoor space some TLC ahead of summer – after all, we tend to spend more time here when the weather is nice.

So, here are some simple tips to make your yard look beautiful and feel welcoming – they may even help you wow some of your guests…

Plan major projects

With the weather slowly getting warmer and drier, now is the ideal time to plan and begin that big project you have been thinking about. This could be anything from laying a new patio and installing a new fence, to creating a pond or addressing drainage issues.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, it is important to remember that before you start any major modifications, you need to plan thoroughly to ensure your grand schemes are compatible with your garden!

Trim your plants

Many of your plants may have finished blooming by now, so start off by cutting these back. For the ones that are currently still in bloom, take a pair of clippers and deadhead any spent plants, to help these ones continue flowering throughout the summer.

Add some colour

Add some heat-tolerant annual plants to enhance the vibrancy in your garden, like gerbera daisies, zinnias, verbena and begonias. These will really boost the colour scheme, and contrast nicely with the greenery. It is a good idea to put these flowers in pots, so you can move them around your space as and when you want!

Green up the lawn

Who doesn’t love the look of a vivid green lawn? Make your neighbours envious by fertilising your soil to make it healthy and luscious! Anything from flooding to pets walking over your garden can create dry and bare areas, so fill these patches in with new seed.

Keep cool

Some outdoor spaces can become extremely hot very quickly – if this is the case it is nice to have an escape. Try placing chairs, benches or tables under any large trees already in your garden, as this will create a natural shade from the sun. If you don’t have any, it may be a good idea to build a pergola, install a shade cloth or even just invest in a stylish garden parasol.

These are just some of our ideas to modify your garden for the fast approaching summer months. We want you to love your outdoor space and enjoy sitting in it – not avoid it!

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