Storage solutions

Storage solutions

16th Aug, 2018

Let’s face it, we all have things that we probably don’t need, but don’t want to throw away. However, there is an easy way to manage this, and prevent cluttering your entire house…


You may have awkward shaped alcoves in your property that you have always wanted to fill, but never really known how to. These have great storage potential! You could have a made-to-fit, custom shelf unit installed, but this can sometimes be expensive. Instead – with a little help from a friend if needed – put up your own shelves in the space. It will be a lot cheaper, and you have control of where they go.


If you have a lot of free wall space, it is a great idea to add floating shelves, or a pegboard. A pegboard is a brilliant solution that allows you to mix and match storage needs, using hooks and baskets, for exmaple. They can also become a feature of your room, as well as creating a cool industrial aura.


Try hanging a shower basket on the inside of your cupboard doors. This not only adds extra room for storing things, but it also hides it away. If you don’t have a spare drawer to fit your hairdryer or straighteners in, this is also the perfect place to put them!

Pots and pans

Hang a towel bar or two in your kitchen to store pots, pans, lids and any other hangable items. These cooking essentials can take up a lot of cupboard space, and they can sometimes be awkward shaped meaning that they don’t slot always nicely into one another.


If you have already filled all of your wardrobes to the point of bursting with your clothes and shoes, having a bed with storage underneath is a good idea. Whether that be drawers or even a bed that lifts up, this can provide that extra, discreet space you need.

But these divan beds can be a bit pricey, so to save you some pennies why not make your own rolling drawers? Simply measure the space between your bed and the floor, source some wood and create rectangular boxes. Then add your wheels and they’ll easily move in and out from under your bed.

Hopefully these storage solutions have given you a few ideas about how to modify your things around your home to help keep everything tidy and in order!

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