Tenants concern over bond protection

Tenants concern over bond protection

28th Oct, 2015

Recent research shows that the majority of tenants are worried that their initial deposit is not protected in one of the government-backed schemes. A poll from an online agent showed that only four per cent of tenants believe their bond has been placed in a protection scheme.

The study also revealed that most people would not know who to speak to regarding their deposit concerns and only eight percent of tenants received evidence in the form of a receipt when paying their bond. This study could leave prospectus or current tenants feeling unsure and in a state of concern as to whether their money will be stored safely and securely.

All bonds are protected by law with Tenancy Deposit Protection. However, it seems clear that most landlords do not provide suitable documentation for their tenants to feel protected.

At Applegate Properties, all bonds, whether your landlord goes on to manage the property or we do, are protected on or before the day of the tenancy. In addition to this we also issue all tenants with the correct prescribed information so they can feel reassured that their money is safe.


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