The importance of kerb appeal

The importance of kerb appeal

28th May, 2019

We all know that first impressions count – and the same applies to a property. The outside of your house is often forgotten, and the focus is put on the interior.

But, if someone arrives at your home and your front garden is littered with rubbish, your door is hanging off the hinges or your windows are dirty, it’s probable that they’ll decide instantly they don’t like it.

Therefore, we have put together some simple, cost-effective ways to improve your ‘kerb appeal’…


Clean up and remove any rubbish in and around your outdoor space. If you have children, ensure their toys aren’t sprawled all over the garden, and clean your windows – inside and out.

We all have bins – there’s no getting away from that – but try and find somewhere discreet to place them. Certainly don’t have them in plain sight, or blocking any pathways and entrances. It’s also a great idea to jet wash your patio – especially if you have a drive – or use a bucket of warm soapy water and a sweeping brush as an alternative!


Remove any weeds that have taken up home in your flowerbeds, as well as any that have begun sprouting up in between flagstones. Make sure any overgrown hedges on show are as tidy as possible, and not obstructing walkways.

Is your grass looking a little brown? Give it some TLC and plant some new seeds, add a fertiliser and water it regularly.  It isn’t going to grow overnight, but stick with it and you’ll have a beautiful green lawn in no time.


Is the front of your house a little dull and boring? If so, it may benefit from some ornaments or hanging baskets to add some vibrancy and character.

This can create a warm welcome for any viewers and may entice them in – but it’s important to not go overboard and clutter your space with thousands of gnomes, for example.


Your front door and window frames are the first thing most potential buyers will notice. If you think yours are looking tired, give them a fresh lick of paint – it’s an easy way to make your space feel clean and new.

In addition, if you have any railings or gates, ensure they’re free of rust.


Keep in mind that people will be viewing your property who may not be familiar with the area or street you live on. Therefore, we’d recommend making sure your house is numbered, so it’s easier to find. You don’t want people to miss out on seeing your home because they simply cant find you.

A well-maintained and presented exterior can put your potential viewers in a positive frame of mind for what’s to come when they enter your property. So, while kerb appeal may not add value to your house, it will get people through the door with a smile on their face!

If you’re on the lookout for a new home take a look at what we currently have on offer, or speak to one of our helpful sales team if you’re looking to put yours on the market.

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