The key to rental harmony is knowing your responsibilities

The key to rental harmony is knowing your responsibilities

1st Mar, 2016

In any rental agreement, it is crucial that both letting agent and tenant achieve some form of harmony. If there is any animosity between both parties it can be very uncomfortable, so making sure both you and your letting agent are happy is important in maintaining a pleasant rental experience.

One of the main causes of disharmony is maintenance. In any property it is expected that there may be faults, wear and tear damage and items that need to be maintained throughout the tenancy. Where it can become an issue is when the lines become blurred as to who is responsible for fixing problems in the property.

So what are letting agent’s responsibilities, and what repairs fall to the tenant?

Letting agent’s responsibilities

The letting agent is responsible for the vast majority of maintenance and repairs, yet not all of them. This includes anything that can cause issues around safety, security and sanitation.

Some examples of what a letting agent is responsible for include the upkeep and maintenance of any heating systems and electrical systems installed in the property. The structure of the building itself including electrical wiring, walls, stairs, external doors and windows along with chimneys and ventilation will also fall under the responsibility of the letting agent for safety reasons.

In addition to these safety issues, lettings agents also have a responsibility to make sure that any appliances they supply the tenant with are kept in good working order, such as fridges, dryers and washing machines.

Tenant’s responsibilities

However, letting agents are not responsible for every maintenance issue within the property and this is where the line may become blurred. The lack of knowledge as to who is responsible may cause friction between the two parties creating an unhappy tenancy.

When agreeing a tenancy with an informed letting agency, you will have the advantage of knowing what you need to fix to lower the likelihood of arguments.

Tenants are responsible for the smaller maintenance issues such as replacing light bulbs or changing batteries in smoke alarms. 

However, there are a number of other smaller jobs that do not fall under the responsibility of the letting agent, including things like repairing bathroom and kitchen cabinets that have become damaged, fixing any internal doors and replacing or renewing the sealant in the bathrooms

Here at Applegate Properties, our maintenance team make all our responsibilities as clear as possible to ensure you receive a pleasant rental experience. All our rental fees are displayed clearly on our website and each prospective tenant receives an extended tenancy agreement which is sent to the tenant one week prior to moving in. This allows each individual to go through the agreement in detail to ensure 100% satisfaction. To view our rental properties visit:

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