The Yorkshire Times seasonal spotlight

The Yorkshire Times seasonal spotlight

12th Dec, 2017

Applegate Properties’ managing director, Amy Wray, recently took part in the ‘Seasonal Spotlight’ Q&A for The Yorkshire Times. Along with reflecting on her highlights from 2017 and looking ahead to the New Year, Amy also explored what the company will be getting up to over the festive period! If you missed the feature, you can read it in full here…

What was your primary business objective at the start of the year?

It was to complete a full overview of our operations model and procedures, so we could makes any changes to maintain our standards, increase turnover and keep the team happy and motivated!

Looking back on 2017, what have been the 3 biggest highlights for Applegate Properties?

Creating two new job roles and finding employees to fit them, changing our property software provider to increase our efficiency and winning gold and silver at this year’s Negotiator Awards.

What has been the most difficult challenge for your business?

The most challenging thing had to be changing the software provider, especially as we were also updating the operations model – it was a huge team effort to get it swapped over correctly.

Name another Yorkshire firm that you think has had a great year…

Pioneers in the prevention of hair loss Paxman Scalp Cooling. They are a family run business based in Fenay Bridge, who are now taking the world by storm with their revolutionary scalp cooling system, which helps to stop cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy losing their hair. They have worked hard to make the product successful overseas as well as in the UK.

And one to watch in 2018?

Technical PR specialist Scriba! We have worked with the business and have found them to be an exceptional company, who achieve some huge results for a small team. Katie set the company up on her own a little like myself, and she has built an excellent reputation in the local area and they seem to be taking on more and more clients – I think 2018 will be another big year for them!

What’s Applegate Properties’ key goal for next year?

Our goal is to overcome the challenges faced by the recently approved Government Bill, which prevents us from making any charges to a tenant for their application or tenancy. The work that we have to do in order to legally house tenants has increased by 50% over the past five years in order to remain compliant, and now the fees we charge will be banned as of 2018. This will have major implications to us and many other firms who handle lettings, so my goal is to deal with this as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Anything you will do differently?

Every year I aim to be less stressed – I’m getting a lot better at this, but it’s a huge responsibility as the sole company director with 12 staff working for you. I think I need to focus on more regular exercise, which helps clear the head.

How do you think the regional business climate will fare?

I believe the North of England will continue to thrive. We are a set of ‘grafters’ in Yorkshire, and we will no doubt maintain a strong presence in the overall UK Climate.

How will your team be celebrating Christmas before the break?

We will be having various Christmas jumper days, eating far too many chocolates that our wonderful clients and contractors bring us, and then we will be wined and dined in the exclusivity of our own ‘Black Cat Restaurant’ in Holmfirth. Luckily, we have the whole restaurant to ourselves as excessive bubbles tend to encourage a heightening of voices in my team!

Describe Christmas at your house, in three words

Family, Food, Laughter!

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