Things to consider before starting an extension

Things to consider before starting an extension

8th Aug, 2018

Not only can an extension create more living space for you and your family, it can also add value to your house – sounds great, right?

But, there are many things you should consider before starting to modify your property in such a considerable way…

Planning permission

Before you begin seriously thinking about your extension, it’s vital that you have all of the appropriate planning permission in place before hand. Referring to your local council’s website is a helpful way to find out whether there are any restrictions in place that could dampen your plans, before they have even begun.


This is probably one of the most fundamental things to consider, after you have your planning permission in place. Sit down and really think about how much money you have to spend – the more exact you can be the better.

And once you have given yourself a budget, stick to it – it is really easy to let costs creep up!


It is really important to consider how long your extension will take to be finished. It’s probably a big job that certainly won’t happen overnight, and there will be a lot of disruption to your family life for a while. So, factor in things like family holidays plus, events and any other occasions where you will want to have the full use of your property, without the builders being in.

Each extension is different, but there is no harm in asking your builder for a rough estimate of how long it will take – this way you can plan ahead!


Remember, any large modifications to your home wont only affect your property, it will more than likely also affect your neighbours. It is a good idea to let people living around you know of your plans before any work begins.

Of course, you are free – within the guidelines you have been given – to build your extension however you like, but you don’t want to upset or offend anyone.


Are you sure you have scrutinised everything about your home and environment? If you think you have, it is a good idea to look again. Issues such as soil conditions, surrounding trees and any history of flooding in your area could cause problems – so triple check before you go ahead!

Building certificate

Even though this isn’t something you need to get until after your extension is complete, it is still really important to remember. Make sure you ask your builder or contractor for all the necessary certification, including building control and electrical and gas-safe documents. Without these it will be harder for you to sell your property, should you wish to in the future.

Deciding to get an extension is an expensive commitment, so make sure you have thought about everything before you decide to commence with the building! Be careful with who you hire to do the job, and plan as much as you can ahead of the day it all starts.

And if you’re on the lookout for a brand new home, feel free to give one of our reliable sales team a call.

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